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My husband and I have been residents of the Memorial Villages for about 15 years. During that time, my husband and I have owned several homes and completed several large projects ($500k – $1.5M) at these homes. With these projects, we met numerous general contractors and traders and unfortunately lawyers as some of these projects ended badly with either the city shutting the project down due to a contractor not getting to proper permits, a financial discrepancy between actual and budgeted numbers or us feeling like we were totally ripped off in the quality of what was done.

Prefacing my recommendation of Casada Custom Homes and Remodeling, I want to be clear that we did not just get lucky in having Garrett Casada oversee our last 3 projects. When we chose Casada Custom Homes and Remodeling, we interviewed several top-notch builders in the Memorial area. We based our decision to use Casada after receiving a quote on the project, calls to other home owners who they completed work for and several meetings to discuss the particulars of the project. It has proven to be one of the best decisions we have ever made and next I will tell you why.

Garrett and his father Jonathon have been in the business for years in the Memorial area. The Casada’s have kept up with the latest in home building and high standards. Their trades have been with them for years. For their trades, it is more than today’s job. They want the next Casada job and the next Casada job as there is a symbiotic relationship that works for both. Their trades take pride in their work which in owning businesses, we know that when the people that work for you act this way, it is a direct effect of the trades being paid fairly by the Casada’s and the trades meeting the Casada’s quality requirements.
Our property was kept clean and tidy as we lived on the property during the project. Garrett or Jonathon was on the job site almost every day for several hours and sometimes all day depending on what needed to be supervised. We got weekly updates on the project and if there was going to be a deviation to the project plan or possible outcome, we were notified immediately. Garrett answered my call/text day or night, 7 days a week. Where there no hiccups? Of course not, but the few that did occur were very minor as compared to previous experiences and we were immediately notified about the situation and solution.

The professionalism we experienced with Casada Custom Homes and Remodeling was unlike anything we experienced in all of our other remodeling projects but most importantly, our projects are beautiful and the Casada’s are now our friends not just our contractor.
It is without reservation that I can write this recommendation for Casada Custom Homes and Remodeling and something I do not take lightly. Anyone who would like to discuss my experience with me personally, I am happy to have a conversation.

Angela Zartler

We are delighted to serve as a personal reference to the skill, professionalism and above-and-beyond dedication for anyone considering Casada Homes for their custom home project. Garrett Casada made our dreams come true, down to the last detail.

A mutual friend introduced us to Garrett a few days after we experienced a terrible overnight fire in our home, while we were still rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey. We were in shock when we met Garrett, but he assured us that he would be there every step of the way, from the massive demolition to the final touches. We had several enhancements that we wanted to make to our house since we were basically
starting over, and Garrett accommodated our requests with creativity and enthusiasm.

Over the course of the next year, we met with Garrett nearly every day. Even when we weren’t meeting, Garrett was constantly thinking about our house and ways to make it better. Just as important, he made himself available to us on evenings and weekends and kept us updated on our timeline and schedule.

When it came to the major decisions, Garrett introduced us to new concepts. He brought us fire suppression solutions, storm protection, audio/visual innovations, incredible energy efficiency and creative ideas for unused space.

By taking precise measurements and looking at old pictures, Garrett and his team rebuilt our entire house within inches of the prior specifications – that alone is a stunning accomplishment. Every angle, every nuance is completely restored just like we remember it.

In the end we have exactly what we want, and we have Casada Homes to thank. As we reflect on this beautiful “reimagining” of our home, it takes our breath away
that we could ever have something so marvelous.

Cam and Kelly George